What is is a platform designed to be all-in-one solution for a HNT investor.
It is fully automated platform that will allow you to run your full node validator or participate in shared node validator pool.

What are advantages?

First, and the most important, security. Our service has advanced security structure, that allow as to be sure, that all users funds are completely safe inside our platform. All users funds are stored in cold wallets (e.g., not connected to the internet) with redundant and secure backups, and restricted access.
Second, low prices. As for now we have one of the lowest prices on the market and we will do our best to improve pricing even more in the future.
Third, the pool node validators have multiple layers of backups, monitoring, reporting, and failover. By doing so, we can maximize validator uptime and ensure that we're generating the most rewards possible.
All processes on our platform are fully automated. This regards to deposits, reward payouts, withdrawals queue, node deployments. As a result we have one of the fastest services on the market.
Permanent deposit addresses and advanced reward payout system.

What is the minimum I can stake? is a validator pool that allows users to participate for as little as 1 HNT which gets you the proportional share of a validator, in a pool of multiple validators. Rewards are payed out on every 24 hours.


We are working on a liquidity model to allow users to withdraw your HNT in less than the 5 months that the Helium network otherwise makes you wait to fully unstake a validator node.

Full node validators

What is a validator?

A validator is the upcoming block producer on the Helium Network.

How do validators work?

For 10k HNT, wallets can stake to become validators. As a staked validator, they may get selected for consensus and earn the consensus group rewards. Each validator stake has a “pubkey”, which is the address of the validator who may participate in the consensus group. This is what most blockchains call a “full node”. We are running the validator node as a service. All you need to do is set the address we provide to you as the pubkey in the transaction - you maintain full control and ownership of your stake.

How much does cost?

We currently charge for maintaining and operating a full validator node:
  • $120 / month in HNT, paid at the beginning of the month.
  • 2.0% of monthly earnings, paid at the end of the month.
We want to keep things affordable while maintaining alignment on maximizing the return on your staked HNT.

I want to learn more about how validators work.

There is much more to read about validators. Check out this post by Helium.

Shared node staking - (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

What is the Shared node staking?

When you don’t have required amount of tokens (10K HNT) to run your own full node validator, you still have a chance to earn rewards by participating in shared node pool. In general this means that you are able to buy a part of the full node validator (share) and receive rewards proportional to your share size.

How much reward will I get?

Your reward will be proportional to the share size you have. So for example if you have 10% of a full node validator and the reward is 5 tokens, then you will receive 0.5 tokens per day.

What is the minimum and maximum I can stake?

No limits. Send funds to your personal deposit address any time you like, as often as you like, in whatever increments you like. Once your total balance is over 1 HNT, the minimum required for our Shared node pool, your funds will be included in the pool and will begin getting rewards based of their percentage of the whole pool.

Why can’t I withdraw funds sooner?

The 200,000 block (~4.5 month) cooldown period is part of the blockchain protocol and applies universally. It adds a layer of security to the protocol to guard against malicious actors and encourages long term stability. When you attempt to withdraw funds, you are taking funds away from a pool of tokens that are “locked”. This means in order for you to “take” funds from this pool, we must have the ability to “replace” or “match” those funds in the validator node to keep the node active. This is what we mean by “liquidity”. Providing liquidity often takes time and is subject to supply and demand.

How are transaction fees accounted for?

Fees are small, as 4.0% of earnings, and are deducted from rewards on every distribution.

I have full node validator. Am i allowed to deposit it in shared node pool?

Yes, you can deposit whatever amount of tokens you want in shared node pool.

Is my deposit address permanent?

Yes, all deposit addresses on our website are permanent.

I may have provided the wrong deposit address to receive rewards, may I get a refund?

We are not responsible for funds not received due to a mistaken deposit address. Please double or triple check the deposit address before providing it to us. We do not verify deposit addresses. You may also want to send a test deposit to that address from another wallet to ensure it works.